PrimOvations Services & Event Policies


Staffing is based on the level of service required for each event. PrimOvations will determine the number of professional service staff needed for the successful execution of your event. Fees begin from the time staff arrive at PrimOvations to collect your equipment and food, until the time cleanup is completed at our Commissary Kitchen. Service fees are as follows:

Buffet Staffed Events: 20% of the food and beverage total will be charged to accommodate the service staff. If service fees do not cover the labor cost for the event, additional fees will be added to your bill.

Served Sit-Down or Reception Staffed Events: 20%-25% of the food and beverage total will be charged to accommodate the service staff. If service fees do not cover the labor cost for the event, additional fees will be added to your bil

Specialized Service Staff Pricing:

Chef-per hour (2 hour minimum) $30.

 Supervisor-per hour (2 hour minimum) $26.

Waitstaff-per hour (4 hour minimum) $24.00

NOTE: The addition of a gratuity for service personnel is at the client’s discretion and may be given with final payment or at the time of service.


A Delivery & Drop off fee will be added to any event that does not require staff. The fee is $75.00 for Delivery, $50.00 Cleaning Fee (if renting Dishware and Flatware), and 10% of the Rental Contract for Service of rentals. These rates are NOT applicable when Buffet Heating Equipment is needed for Hot Food items. Rates may vary depending upon the size & complexity of the order.


If the delivery location is more than 30 miles away, additional fees will apply. For every mile over 30, there is a $0.50 per mile (per vehicle) fee. For example – if your event is 45 miles away and we need 2 vehicles for equipment, that is $0.50 x 15 miles x 2 vehicles = $15.00 total.

There is no service charge for pick up orders – this does not include disposable tray costs, that is an additional fee included in the final total.

The addition of gratuity for delivery personnel is left up to the client’s discretion and may be given with final payment or at the time of service.

Commissary Kitchen Location:

PrimOvations Catering

7476 E M36 PO BOX #457

Hamburg, MI 48139


If the delivery of extra items is requested OR if we are unable to gain access for delivery/clean up (at the agreed upon time) and must return or relocate the event: ad additional service charge will be added. If you need additional items for your event, requiring us to return to our commissary kitchen, additional service charges will be added, depending upon your needs.


PrimOvations requires that ALL furniture be moved PRIOR to our arrival. Our staff is not able or equipped to move furniture prior to an event unless prior arrangements have been made. In the event we arrive on site and furniture has not been moved, a minimum moving fee of $50.00 or move will be assessed, depending upon the complexity of the items needing to be moved.


Due to the difficulty of delivery and parking on the University of Michigan Campus, a $10.00 delivery fee (per vehicle) will be added to all U of M events. If we are provided a parking pass, the fee will be waived.


PrimOvations employs professional, TAMS Certified bartenders, at an additional fee. If we handle the purchase and/or service of alcohol beverages the client agrees to irrevocable release us of liability of any actions from alcohol consumption. There is a $100.00 set up fee (depending on the size of the event) for each bar. This includes the setup and breakdown of the bar(s).

Bartenders per hour (4 hour minimum): $26.00 per hour per bartender


A final guest count is required 10 business days prior to the event. It is the client’s responsibility to notify PrimOvations if the count has changed. Once the deadline has passed, the estimate becomes the final count and is the basis for calculation of your billing. The final count and menu selections are essential to ensure the quality of your menu. Although every effort will be made, requests to make changes that are received less than 5 business days before the event date may not be fulfilled. If we can accommodate your request, additional administration fees may apply. The final bill will be based on the guaranteed final count or actual number served, whichever is greater. Please note that all food, equipment, and staffing prices are subject to change without prior notice due to the fluctuation of market prices and outside vendors.


Full payment is required 3 business days before your event date unless other arrangements have been made. Payments may be made by Cash, Check, U of M Short Code, Visa, Master Card or Venmo.

NOTE: The receipt of a valid U of M Short Code is considered payment on all U of M events. A finance charge of 3% is added to all Credit Card transactions.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be applied to all PAST DUE accounts.

All federal, state, and municipal regulations regarding taxes will be strictly adhered to. Michigan Law requires a 6% sales tax added to all events unless a Michigan tax exempt certificate is given prior to the event.

DEPOSIT TO HOLD YOUR DATE (Large Scale/Staffed Events):

For Large Scale/Staffed Events, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold your date. The deposit will be due upon acceptance and signing of the contract and will go towards the grand total.


We would be happy to set up any rental arrangements needed for your event. A handling service fee ranging from 5-15% will be added to the final bill, depending upon the complexity of the order.


PrimOvations is dedicated to doing our part to preserve the environment. We work closely with BGreenToday to provide the highest quality COMPOSTABLE paper products available. We also have a large assortment of colored Paper Products and High-Quality Plastic. However, to be more environmentally conscious, we have reduced our Plastics Inventory and will now offer bottled water only when necessary. Green Products are available upon request.


PrimOvations is happy to provide themed table tent signage at each buffet indicating the food items provided for $15.00 total. Additional signage may require additional fees.


Leftovers remain with the client upon the discretion of our staff. This will be determined by food safety standards and condition of the food. In order to comply with local health department regulations, all perishable leftovers will be discarded by PrimOvations Staff. Credit will not be issued for any left-over food or unused items as we often will bring extra product to cover any potential shortages/overages. We will be providing any containers unless prior arrangements have been made at an additional cost to the client. PrimOvations works closely with Food Gatherers to donate unused food items.


PrimOvations can provide any décor in our inventory at a predetermined cost. You’re welcome to tour our event décor inventory at any arranged meetings with our coordinating staff. Our staff is responsible for delivery, setup, and cleanup of our décor. If any décor goes missing, we reserve the right to charge a client for missing and/or damaged inventory. Floral arrangements are built both in house and onsite by PrimOvations Co-Owner Shelly Bell. PrimOvations is happy to work with you to fulfill all your floral needs.


Once a contract has been approved (via email or phone), it is the responsibility of the client to notify us if they wish to cancel the event they have requested our catering service for. We reserve the right to bill the client for payment, in full, if we are not notified within 72 hours, in advance of the event. If notified prior to the 72 hours, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. If the event is cancelled because of weather or act of God, you may be charged for costs incurred prior to cancellation.


Client agrees to release us irrevocably and unconditionally from liability, claims, or actions that arise out of or related to damage, illness, death or injury sustained by any connection with our food or services we provided.

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